Menu Planning

January 14, 2009 at 1:35 am (Menu Plan)

Just a day late but catching up 🙂


Monday: We had chicken and cauliflower curry served over brown rice

Tuesday: Dan is working tonight so kids will have mac and cheese with broccoli and carrot sticks and I will have a little leftover curry.

Wednesday:  Lunch with Dan: Tacos; Dinner will probably be quesadillas for the boys and taco salad for me.

Thursday: Falafels with hummus- recipe from Cuisine at Home magazine Feb ’09 issue with mashed cauliflower.

Friday: [We’re getting a Costco membership card to buy fish] Fish- probably wild Salmon with an Orange-Ginger Sauce inspired by my favorite cooking magazine: Cuisine at Home, homemade cranberry sauce, and green salad.  This is lunch as Dan is working this night and I’ll take leftover fish, cranberry and salad to put into tacos.

Saturday: Thinking of making Bourbon Beef Noodle Bowl [with maple, sweet potatoes, and spinach] from [can you guess?!!!] Cuisine at Home


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