Menu Plan- 22nd to 27th of December

December 22, 2008 at 10:36 pm (Menu Plan)


Monday: We’re having leftover White Chicken Chili with cornbread

Tuesday: Seasoned Wild Salmon, rice, and carrots served with hummus.

Wednesday: Christmas Eve!  In honor of my Polish Traditions and my husband’s German ancestry- We’ll have Polish Ring and Smoked Bratwurst sausages, sauerkraut, potato pancakes, apple&apricot applesauce, and returning after a couple of years hiatus is French Onion soup as requested by Dan.  This is lunch and leftovers will be dinner.  Apple pie for dessert.  I’ll be making my chocolate-nut waffles with cherry compote for breakfast [Tradition except I am using cherries instead of strwaberries this year].

Thursday: Merry Christmas! Fend for yourself breakfast, banana nut muffins, oranges, nuts, and other goodies will be available. Lunch will be leftover French Onion Soup, deviled eggs, and vegetables with hummus.  Christmas Dinner will be [aged] Prime Rib with this sauce, mashed potato, Braised Celery with Crunchy Bread Topping, Garlicky Greens, and steamed carrots.  I am undecided for dessert- possibly pumpkin pie or gingerbread cookies.  A very special new tradition: Gluhwein [German mulled wine] which I had tried for my birthday at a German resturant and fell in love with it [so did Dan].

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Leftovers for lunch and homemade sushi for dinner

For more menu ideas- see Organizing Junkie!


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  1. Linda said,

    Prime Rib!!! Yummy. Great Menu. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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